Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Exhaust in Development

CR&S model Ermina presents the VUN sporting prototype.

Most of the attention at the CR&S stand at EICMA 2009 was centered on the DUU, meanwhile there was an interesting new VUN on display which went almost unnoticed.

Pictured above, this VUN is fitted with many performance parts from the technical options catalog: Ceriani racing front forks, Marvic mag wheels, CDR racing single radiator, Pierobon "banana" alloy swingarm, etc. But what makes this bike really special was the new 2 into 1 exhaust system.

2 into 1 header pipes of the VUN Sporting Prototype. Moto journalist and sporting singles enthusiast, Alan Cathcart, in the background.

The new stainless steel header pipes wrap around to the right side of the VUN joining neatly underneath the alternator cover. The collector pipe is routed underneath the engine where it meets the silencer. The silencer, in turn, flows diagonally under the engine and up the other side exiting in the space provided by the banana shaped alloy swingarm.

The muffler is fitted with a removable db killer to provide extra performance.

Also seen here is a prototype of a new half-cover which cowls the oil reservoir on the left hand side and neatly directs airflow around the side stand.

LSL clip-ons have also been added for a more aggressive riding position. The entire package fits together very well giving this VUN an extremely narrow front profile.

The new exhaust is not ready for production just yet. It still requires tuning and and development of a new fuel map. I will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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