Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lesto Racing Components

In a previous article I wrote about a new exhaust system under development for the VUN that was unveiled earlier this month at EICMA 2009. More details and photos are now available.

The entire system is being developed by Lesto Racing Components from the Lombardy region of Italy. The pipes are TIG welded from multiple sections. Lesto titanium silencers are conical with a triangular cross section, a shape designed to maximize power output.

Weight reduction, compared to the standard system, should be very good. The reduction is currently estimated to be nearly 4kg.

db Killer

The removable db killer is also triangular in profile. Noise output can be regulated by adjusting the length of the internal baffle in five different positions.

Noise reduction material is all formed from stainless steel for durability. A perforated box is packed with noise absorbant material which is restrained by a stainless steel mesh.

Still no information on when this system will be ready (soon I hope).

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