Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DUU Insights

Moto journalist, accomplished racer, and singles enthusiast Alan Cathcart paid a lengthy visit at the CR&S stand at EICMA 2009 in Milan this month.

Alan Cathcart and Roberto Crepaldi first knew each other back in the days when CR&S successfully competed their Britten race bikes against Cathcart in European BEARS meetings in the mid '90s. Crepaldi and Cathcart have been good friends ever since.

Cathcart tests a VUN prototype (2004)

Two years ago, at a motocycle show in Padova, Roberto was discussing, with Cathcart, his plans to build a CR&S "streetfighter" but was having trouble finding a suitable engine supplier. Cathcart mentioned that US performance engine builders, S&S, were developing a new road-based big twin called the X-Wedge. Crepaldi was interested, Cathcart made the introductions and pretty soon the DUU concept was born.

Roberto Crepaldi describes the X-Wedge as an engine that is designed for the road with a feeling similar to that of a strong Moto-Guzzi.

There has already been plenty of interest in production versions of the DUU and a healthy number of pre-orders are on the books. The initial production run is planned to be 50 pieces per year. €1,000 (refundable) books you a place in the queue. Go to the CR&S website for more details.

Sidebar: Cathcart was walking on crutches at EICMA. This could explain why.

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