Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Future Electric?

At first, the thought of an electric motorcycle might conjure up the image of some kind of toy motorcycle. It's time to think again...

Mavizen is the company that won this year's inaugural TTXGP race for electric motorcycles at the Isle of Mann. They have just announced the availability of kits for their new electric race bike. These kits are intended for anyone who is interested in competing in the new TTXGP world series beginning in 2010.

Frame, running gear and body panels are sourced from the KTM RC8, nice choice. There are various configurations of bike and battery pack for different racing conditions: sprint, endurance etc. Without batteries, the bike weighs 110kg so the sprint race package is probably very light.  I don't have any figures for horsepower but electric engines produce maximum torque across the entire RPM range which means it will have really good acceleration from rest.

In addition to having no exhaust pipe, there is also no clutch or gearbox. That seems kind of strange, almost weird, but I can see a day when people will stare in wonder at those funny old classic motorcycles belching fumes and propelling themselves about via a series of explosions.

No mention of price but I have a nagging feeling that this will be expensive (update: has reported that the basic price, track ready, is £25,000). However racing a conventional motorcycle is also expensive so perhaps, comparitively, it won't be too bad. I know electric bikes have nothing to do with the VUN, but I just think this is too cool.

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