Saturday, July 31, 2010

Five VUNs Hit the Track

Last Monday, following the VUNIC meeting at Bassano del Grappa, five VUN owners split off to join a track day organized by Rock n Road Racing at the Tolmezzo track nestled between the mountains in Udine (IT).

Left to right: Fabio "Cicci" Segato, Fabian, Franco, Barry, Me, Moreno

Me and my VUN exploring this lovely little track.

This track is situated in a  breathtaking location among the mountains near the Italian border with Austria.

There were some seriously good riders out there enjoying the modestly powered but nimble and competent VUNs. Both Franco Cavina & Barry Rivellini are real racers with many victories under their belts at the highest levels.

Pictured below: Franco & Barry duke it out at the end of the day. Franco is riding his VUN Carbon, Barry is riding a VUN PPP (Pronto Per la Pista).

Thanks to Barry Rivellini for organizing the track and sharing his knowledge as a racing instructor. Thanks also to CR&S and Cavina Racing for providing most of the bikes including that little rocket the VUN PPP.

Next up: Germany's Nurburgring! Details soon...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Club VUNIC Hit the Dolomites

Last Saturday, members of the VUN International Club (VUNIC) met at Bassano del Grappa to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Club Pompone (Italy's largest club dedicated to Italian motorcycles).

Passo Rolle - Dolomites

These are the stated objectives of the VUN International Club:

No snobbery. Lots of biking, lots of bends, fine locations and, at sunset when we stop, somewhere good to eat, a comfortable room, without spending more than necessary. The sole aim being to have fun amongst people with the same elective affinities.

Roberto and his friends have been organizing motorcycle tours across Europe and North Africa since the mid 1990's. After the birth of the CR&S's VUN in 2007 this group was extended to include all VUN motorcycle owners. Now the trips regularly include owners from Italy, Germany, France and elsewhere.

Bernhard Peintner outside the hotel at Bassano del Grappa

Last Saturday's ride took us to the top of Monte Grappa, down to Pedavena to visit the CR&S exhibition at the Club Pompone meeting, then deep into the Dolomites for a lakeside lunch and across the wonderful mountain pass at San Martino. After Passo Rolle an aggressive ride across Passo Manghen on a tight B-road then back to Bassano for diner. A glass of grappa on the Ponte Vecchio and a walk around the old town completed a true day to remember.

The view at Monte Grappa

VUNic Lineup at the Club Pompone stand...

Cristina Baio: 2004 champion, Italian female superbike series

Franco keeping the DUU prototype upright.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Brammo Empulse

U.S. based electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo, has released details about its second generation electric motorcycle, the Brammo Empulse and... it's alright!

...more than alright. Until now, Brammo were associated with the competent, but rather boring, commuter-style Brammo Enertia. Three years later and technology has taken a leap forward. Twice the range and nearly double the top speed at around the same price as their 2007 commuter model. This bike uses quality components and has an aggressive modern styling.

The best thing is that this is not just a prototype or an expensive racebike. This bike is going into production next year, pricing starts at $9,000 and you can drop down $100 to reserve your place right now.

Check out this promotional video and the extensive article about this bike on Gizmag.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

MAD Celebrate New Moto Museum

Recently the Milan photo studio of Giovanni Cabassi was host to the celebration of a new residential project, Cascina Concorezzo 16 km south of Milano. Part of this residential complex will become the new permanent home to the prestigious and eclectic Moto Art Design (MAD) motorcycle museum, also known as Collezione Motociclistica Milanese (CMM).

CR&S's Nicolò Koschatzky and Donato Cannatello in the courtyard garden during the Cascina Concorezzo celebration.

The cream of the MAD collection were on display:

Lucifer's Hammer - a Harley Davidson engined racebike from the 90's. Commissioned by Christchurch Motorcycles and constructed by New Zealand's talented Ken McIntosh.

A Confederate B120 Wraith and the CR&S DUU prototype compete for attention.

The CR&S commissioned Britten lives on in the Collezione Motociclistica Milanese.

A VΨRUS 987 4V mini moto. Now I've seen everything... cute.

Ahhh an original Ducati Supermono. Bellissima.

The Cascina Concorenzzo residential project could be the ultimate location for a moto appassionato. The complex will boast stylish housing and loft living, the MAD Museum, a master school of motorcycle design, a motorcycle restoration center, a motorcycling technical library, bar and restaurant, pool and gymnasium. Pretty tempting isn't it? You can find out more by registering your interest at