Monday, May 16, 2011

DUU Production Begins

CR&S announced today that production of their new DUU model is now underway.

The company's initial target was to begin production early March. Completion of strict EURO 3 vehicle certification and tooling up for low volume production had pushed this date back three months but now the first three frames have been loaded onto the assembly bench and are in production.

These first three bikes, once completed, will be used to promote the bike, in showrooms and the print media. This will be followed by the initial batch of bikes that will go out to eagerly awaiting customers.

 Robert Crepaldi with the DUU undergoing homologation testing

Testing the DUU two-up (Conlatusa)

Braking test with wet disk simulator

The DUU's X-Wedge motor undergoes final dyno-testing

The first three DUUs on the assembly line