Friday, November 5, 2010

Two New DUU Models

CR&S has released two beautiful new DUU models at this year's Milan International Motorcycle expo (EICMA): The Deperlù (on your own), a single-seat version and the Conlatusa (with the girlfriend) which, as the name suggests, has a pillion seat.

 The DUU Conlatusa (two-seater)

The new DUU Deperlù (single-set)

Personalization and Modularity

The DUU has been designed to be fully customizable and a large variety of factory options are available including: different headlight configurations, pillion set support, mini wind breaker, bellypan, paniers, turn signals, brake and suspension components, 6-speed gearbox and wheel design.

You can also select the factory finish including: custom colors, polishing and plating, leather finish, etc.

These are just some of the standard factory options. You can also consult directly with CR&S and have them build a DUU to your exact specifications.

Four DUU's at EICMA

The CR&S stand at EICMA had four DUU's on display. Two Deperlù (single-seat) models and two Conlatusa models. Each of these demonstrated completely different factory configurations.


Another interpretation of the DUU Deperlù

CR&S's  Roberto Crepaldi presents the new DUUs at EICMA 2010

The DUU engine and chassis

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