Saturday, November 20, 2010


BeOn Automotive unveiled the latest in its series of track bike kits during the final MotoGP round at Valencia.

BeOn track bike kits can be used to convert your KTM, Honda, Suzuki, etc. motocross, chicken chaser, into a serious little track day rocket. Their latest kit is the one I have been waiting for: the Aprilia SXV 550 conversion.

 Convert one of these...

...into one of these. 

Or have both. BeOn say that the conversion is easily reversed giving you both a track bike and a supermotard for the price of... well one and a half. The kit costs €4,450 plus tax, then you have the cost of the donor bike.

I wrote a previous blog article about the BeOn kits. This kit converts the iconic Aprilia SXV 550 (or 450 if you are that way inclined) into an exciting bike with an output of around 70 hp and an approximate weight of 120 kg.

Automotive BeOn says it is also working on certification of the SXV-GP for the street.

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