Friday, November 26, 2010

The DUU Unveiled

Production versions of the new CR&S DUU come in two standard formats: The solo seat (Deperlù) and the twin seat (Conlatusa). Pricing details for each are as follows...

DUU Pricing (5-speed)
Deperlù €19,000 (plus tax)
Conlatusa€20,700 (plus tax)

The Conlatusa is more versatile. The twin seat model can be configured as a solo seater by simply removing various parts. The reverse it not so easy as it would require replacing the solo seater's rear sub-frame. So if you think you will ever need to use your DUU to take that pretty girl from the local bar for a ride (or to carry your grandmother home from her Bridge night), then the extra €1,700 is worth spending.

The standard DUU uses a 5-speed gearbox which is more than enough for a 2-litre V-Twin. However, if you think you might want to try the DUU out at the local drag strip then there is also a 6-speed gearbox available for an extra €900.


The chassis is a compound structure. The main element consists of a stainless steel large section tube (107.5 mm). It is a backbone chassis that also forms part of the fuel tank. All the other chassis elements are stainless steel and TIG welded. Stainless steel resists life, and gives an excellent. All of the chassis components are connected by machined light alloy parts. The seat holder is a light alloy box structure, a CR&S’ patent. It is TIG welded and forms the remainder of the fuel tank.

The single sided swingarm is also fabricated from large section stainless steel tube (90 mm), reinforced with a stainless steel welded structure box. The light alloy fork yokes are machined from solid. The twin seater version’s shock absorber has a manually adjustable spring preload. The compound wheels are made in light alloy with cast hubs.

The tire sizes have been chosen to offer sporty handling capabilities, with excellent rider control (max lean angle 43°) : they are radial tires, with sport-racing compound (the rear tire has a three-zone compound).

Brand / Model S&S X-Wedge
Type4 stroke, 56° V-Twin
Displacement117" (1916 cc)
ValvesPushrod activated, 2-valves per cylinder
FrameStainless steel with large section tubes. Machined stainless steel engine cradle and holders.
SwingarmSingle-sided arm in large section stainless steel tube.
Front SuspensionUpsidedown telescopic fork with 48 mm diameter. Adjustable hydraulic damping and spring preload. 120mm travel.
Rear SuspensionHydraulic progressive mono-shock. Adjustable hydraulic damping and spring preload. 127 mm travel.
Front break320mm Wave double floating disks, each with radial 4-piston calipers.
Rear break260mm single disk with 2-piston floating caliper.
Front wheel4 stroke, 56° V-Twin
Front tire120/70-ZR17"
Rear wheel6.00 x 17"
Rear tire190/55-ZR17"
Dimensions / Weight
Length2197 mm
Width770 mm
Wheelbase1576 mm
Seat height800 mm
Weight245 kg (dry)
Gas tank15.5 litres (4 litre reserve)

Technical Specs

The DUU's power delivery graph is visible on the tachometer.
This extra information allows you to view the max power vs RPM as you ride.

The S&S X-Wedge is a traditional engine, but built with modern technology and materials. It is a pushrod actuated 2-valves per cylinder head with hydraulic self adjustment and three belt driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust). The bottom end has a one piece machined crankshaft with twin conrods.

The ECU is developed by S&S. A catalyzed stainless steel exhaust system with 2 lambda meters.

Gearbox is a Baker unit available with 5 or 6 speeds.

Performance Details
Max Power 71 KW at 5100 rpm
Max Torque 148 Nm at 4300 rpm
Max Speed Over 125 mph (over 200Km/h)

Deperlù "Grisa"

The structural body parts are made from carbon fibre. The remaining parts are made in VTR, ABS or carbon fibre. The fuel tank is divided into two parts: the chassis’ backbone and the seat holder box structure.

Deperlù "Sbirluscenta"

As the pictured models suggest, a wide variety of modular customizations are available. I will be covering these in more detail in a future Blog article.

Conlatusa "Nera"

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