Wednesday, September 9, 2009

VUNS at Loiano

The VUN PPP (Pronto Per la Pista) at the CR&S stand in Loiano.

Unfortunately day two of the "Motorhad Futa" show in Loiano was completely rained out, but the first day was really great.

My usual experience at motorcycle events is that it's just a bunch of guys who are into bikes. In Italy it was different. All kinds of people come along, guys & gals, young and old, knowledgeable bikers and curious newbies.

Me & my VUN being prepared for the show in Franco's workshop.

I was proud to have my VUN at the CR&S stand, watching crowds of enthusiastic Italians poring over it. Some celebrity VUN personalities were there too including CR&S owner Roberto Crepaldi and VUN Marathon rider, Claudio Zanoni.

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