Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The VUN Homepage

I discovered a neat website last night: the VUN Homepage (www.vun.it). This is an interactive Flash web page which, I'm guessing, was developed for CR&S soon after the VUN went into production. It is available in four languages: Italian, Milanese, Spanish, French and English.

Web pages like this one are time consuming (and expensive) to maintain. It looks like the last updates to this site were in 2007, nevertheless this is a fun and informative site to play with.

As you move your mouse around, detailed images and information appear about the area you are pointing at. There is a neat Configurator section that lets you customize the VUN interactively and view the results. There are also hundreds of excellent photos and a detailed history of the formation of CR&S and the VUN motorcycle.

An early (2003) VUN prototype from the VUN homepage.

This site offers an excellent insight into the VUN and the philosophy and concepts that inspired and influenced its creation.

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