Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feature: The VUN Carbon

The standard specification VUN is the the one VUN that nobody owns. It has been deliberately designed as an 'empty canvas' leaving space for the owner's imagination and a huge selection of technical, performance and aesthetic options.

From time to time I will be posting a 'Feature VUN' entry on this Blog showcasing a particular VUN and what makes it special. I can't think of a better place to start than the beautiful VUN Carbon belonging to Franco Cavina, VUN dealer for the Bologna region in Italy.

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The cheapest and easiest way to customize your VUN is at the time you buy it. This way you pay only the difference between the standard parts you are replacing and the custom parts that you have chosen. Never the less, this 'no expense spared' VUN will cost you around €30,000. Let's take a closer look at where this money has been spent.

Front End
  • BST 5-spoke carbon front & rear wheels,
  • Ceriani race forks with carbon-fiber surface treatment,
  • Brembo monobloc racing front brakes,
  • Carbon fiber front fender.
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Back End
  • Pierobon alloy "banana" swingarm,
  • Carbon fiber rear fender,
  • Ohlins racing rear shock,
  • Carbon fiber seat.
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Up Top
  • Racing instrument panel,
  • Ohlins radial steering damper,
  • Carbon fiber fuel tank,
  • Lightec racing filer cap.
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The list goes on: CDR light alloy radiators, chrome-plated frame, polished engine covers, etc. All this brings the dry weight down to about 120Kg. Not bad!

How Does it Ride?

In the back of my mind was an image of the crashed VUN Britten Tribute (see previous Blog entry below) and this bike's €30,000 price tag so I didn't really test the limits, but the VUN Carbon is inspiring to ride. You can definitely feel the lighter weight in acceleration, and quickness of turning. Franco is an expert bike tuner and the VUN Carbon has the best suspension and brakes that money can buy so the handling is sure to be way beyond my riding ability.

One interesting tip: Franco has changed the rim size of the rear wheel from the standard 4.5" to 5". He says that this size suits the 160/60 rear tire profile better giving it a more progressive cross section profile and better matching that of the front. I'm pretty convinced by his theory. The tire wear line on his bike is perfectly matched. On my VUN, with the standard rim sizes, the front tire is worn pretty much to the edge while the rear has a 1cm 'edge' of unworn rubber. Hmmmm.

Thanks to Franco for sharing all this information about his wonderful bike and especially for trusting me to ride it.

Franco Cavina with his bikes


  1. Nice bike, I own a kawasaki ninja zx6r, and the styling on this bike is totally different. I have never heard of VUN before, they look awsome.

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