Sunday, July 4, 2010

MAD Celebrate New Moto Museum

Recently the Milan photo studio of Giovanni Cabassi was host to the celebration of a new residential project, Cascina Concorezzo 16 km south of Milano. Part of this residential complex will become the new permanent home to the prestigious and eclectic Moto Art Design (MAD) motorcycle museum, also known as Collezione Motociclistica Milanese (CMM).

CR&S's Nicolò Koschatzky and Donato Cannatello in the courtyard garden during the Cascina Concorezzo celebration.

The cream of the MAD collection were on display:

Lucifer's Hammer - a Harley Davidson engined racebike from the 90's. Commissioned by Christchurch Motorcycles and constructed by New Zealand's talented Ken McIntosh.

A Confederate B120 Wraith and the CR&S DUU prototype compete for attention.

The CR&S commissioned Britten lives on in the Collezione Motociclistica Milanese.

A VΨRUS 987 4V mini moto. Now I've seen everything... cute.

Ahhh an original Ducati Supermono. Bellissima.

The Cascina Concorenzzo residential project could be the ultimate location for a moto appassionato. The complex will boast stylish housing and loft living, the MAD Museum, a master school of motorcycle design, a motorcycle restoration center, a motorcycling technical library, bar and restaurant, pool and gymnasium. Pretty tempting isn't it? You can find out more by registering your interest at


  1. great work, john.

    thank you for that!!!!

    peter from franconia

  2. John, thank you so much for your help. I'm waiting for you to come and live with us at Cascina Concorezzo. Just to let you know, November 10th saw the beginning of the building restoration!!! In 18 months we should party for the opening!!! Giovanni Cabassi