Friday, July 16, 2010

Brammo Empulse

U.S. based electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo, has released details about its second generation electric motorcycle, the Brammo Empulse and... it's alright!

...more than alright. Until now, Brammo were associated with the competent, but rather boring, commuter-style Brammo Enertia. Three years later and technology has taken a leap forward. Twice the range and nearly double the top speed at around the same price as their 2007 commuter model. This bike uses quality components and has an aggressive modern styling.

The best thing is that this is not just a prototype or an expensive racebike. This bike is going into production next year, pricing starts at $9,000 and you can drop down $100 to reserve your place right now.

Check out this promotional video and the extensive article about this bike on Gizmag.

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