Friday, January 15, 2010

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina (roughly translated "A God in the machine") presents an idyllic blend of design, urban style, cafe culture and passion for motorcycles. Passion, not just any old bike, but for motorcycles stripped down to the essence of the café racer style: hand crafted, elegant and retro but not obsolete.

Deus was founded in the Parramatta suburb of Sydney, Australia in 2005 by messers Dare Jennings, Ron Hunwick and Carby Tuckwell. Their core business is the manufacture and sale of motorcycles and parts. In addition you can find branded clothes, performance bicycle parts, books, paintings, artistic objects and generally lots of cool stuff.

Deus Grievous Angel, SR400-based single cylinder café racer.

Deus now has a branch in New Zealand. It is located in a restored warehouse off Wellesley Street in central Auckland. The large open space is divided into quarters with a stylish café at the front, a gallery area, a branded clothing outlet, and a motorcycle/bicycle parts store. Deus manufactured motorcycles are scattered throughout alongside a collection of significant and beautifully restored classic bikes.

At the back, separated from the front section by a large glass window, is the assembly area where you can watch new Deus machines being created over a lunchtime salad and cappuccino.

Any VUN owner would surely feel at home here

If you are looking for a lightweight, elegant, simple and sure handling motorbike with moderate power, or perhaps just a cool place to hang, meet friends and soak in some culture, then head down to Deus Ex Machina. They have major stores in Sydney and Auckland plus smaller outlets in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Milano, or just check out their wonderful web-site.


  1. Got some Deus shirts for Christmas - couldn't be happier. They surely have to be the coolest motorcycle company in existance. At least their graphic designer makes them out to be!

  2. r.e. desmoworks: cool website Anthony!