Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fully Charged

Above is a trailer for the new Mark Neale documentary Charge. The movie is narrated by actor and motorcycle fan Ewan McGregor and documents the world’s first electric motorcycle race, the TTXGP, at the 2009 Isle of Man TT.

The movie does a great job of describing the excitement and technical challenges of producing an entirely new breed of racing motorcycles. 2010 looks like it is going to be a watershed year in terms of motorcycle technology. It now seems inevitable that electric technology will displace internal combustion engines in the coming years. Remember photographic cameras that carried rolls of film? What about cathode ray tube computer monitors and TV screens? In a decade or so I expect that exploding petrol as a means of propulsion will seem rather quaint and young kids will scratch their heads and wonder how it was ever possible.

Mavizen Factory Training and Support

Mavizen, winners of the inaugural 2009 TTXGP (electric MotoGP) race are now offering a 4-day technical training course on electric propulsion systems throughout 2010. The course compliments the TTX02 race bikes they produce that are now on sale. Course topics include: Batteries, Motors, Controllers, Chargers, Battery Management Systems, Safety Systems, Construction & Wiring Considerations. The course is currently advertized at £900 for all four days. Visit their web site for more details.

eCRP Race Bike Unveiled

Pictured left to right: Azhar Hussain (TTXGP), Lord Drayson (UK Minister for Science), Livia Cevolini (CRP), Franco Cevolini, (CRP) and Giampiero Testoni, (CRP)

CRP Racing have released details of the TTXGP electric race bike they have built based on the Mavizen TTX02 electric propulsion system...

Source TTXGP Press Release:

On January 14th Lord Drayson, UK Minister for Science and Innovation, unveiled the super sports electric motorcycle built by CRP Racing. CRP Racing is very pleased to unveil its ground-breaking motorcyle in terms of innovative technology. This has been demonstrated with the project of the bike eCRP 1.0, where the UK-based company, TTXGP, has collaborated with the Italian company CRP Racing.

eCRP 1.0 represents the Italian style and design with a strong "racing" look, easy to handle for its dimensions and shape, whose colours remind the Italian flag with the aim to promote that values leading the made-in-Italy a unique and distinctive factor.

Left: eCRP 1.0 technical specs.
click image for a larger view

For more information visit the CRP Racing web site.

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