Saturday, February 12, 2011

Motus MST

The Motus motorcycle company has just released this video of the sports touring bike they have been developing over the past few years. The project is coming along nicely, and that V-4 engine sounds great.

Sounds like they are using a "big bang" firing order as per the current Ducati Desmoseidici Moto GP bike. But the Motus has a longitudinally-mounted crankshaft (a-la Moto Guzzi) powering the rear wheel via a drive shaft rather than a chain.

Given that a small team of enthusiasts can get this far on a shoestring, seems to me that Moto Guzzi just haven't been trying in recent years (decades). Bad for them, and the countless Moto Guzzi fans around the world... good for Motus.

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