Sunday, August 8, 2010

RocknRoad Track Training

Last week I posted some photos from our track day at the Tolmezzo track in Udine (IT). The track day was organized by Barry Rivellini of RocknRoad Racing. Barry is a professional riding instructor and test rider for some major Italian brands as well as a successful racer in his own right.

When the VUNs hit the track Barry was there and kindly provided some free informal instruction to those of us with limited track experience. The following videos capture some of these moments.

Barry explained body positioning and foot placement then had us practice slow tight turns until we were dragging our knee all the way round.

Later we tried our new skills on the track while Barry followed along with his camera.

Thanks Barry, Fabian & I had a safe and enjoyable track day and we both learned a lot!
For more information about RocknRoad's training courses and track days visit their web site.

Video editing by Tany Cas

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  1. Unfortunately I was not there with you enjoing that wonderful day and especially Barry teaching... I'ld love to put my knee down riding my John Deere ! :-)

    Great job John!