Thursday, June 10, 2010

DUU Production Prototype

A third DUU prototype is currently being prepared at CR&S. The first prototype was a running prototype to understand the layout & dynamics of the machine. The second prototype assembled all of the visual components and studied the packaging. This is the version that was unveiled at last November's international motorcycle show in Milan. The third prototype is a production prototype and is used to finalize the overall design of the machine and detailed layout so that it is ready to put into production.

There is a world of difference between building one bike and building a bike that can be put into production. Thousands of details need to be thought through: supply of parts, reliability, safety, maintenance, cost, compliance with regulations. It is a complex and daunting task.

The production prototype is well on its way to completion and will be doing the rounds at various motorcycle shows later in the year. Full production of the DUU is scheduled for 2011.

Roberto Crepaldi fires up the production prototype.

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