Tuesday, May 25, 2010

S&S Factory Visit

Earlier this year, in March, a CR&S delegation traveled to the S&S Cycle factory in Viola, Wisconsin, aka "The Ranch".

left to right:  Georgio Sarti (CR&S), Roberto Crepaldi (CR&S), George Smith (CEO S&S), Giuseppe "Beppe" Bulla (DUU project engineer), Giovanni Cabassi (CR&S), Shane Whitty (S&S OEM Manager)

CR&S has enjoyed strong advance orders for their new DUU model since it was unveiled at last November's EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. The DUU uses S&S Cycle's new 2-litre X-Wedge engine. Face to face meetings are important to ensure good OEM agreements and a steady supply of engines. This, and CR&S's recent move into larger premises, show CR&S seem serious about meeting the higher production capacity needed to supply demand for the DUU.

The S&S X-Wedge Engine

Above: Some of S&S's production facilities at their Viola, Wisconsin "ranch".

Above: An S&S pro-stock drag racing cylinder head ready for shipment. As you can see from the photo, these heads are CNC machined from solid alloy billet. On the left, the solid billet before machining.

Roberto Crepaldi: Why S&S's main factory is located in a ranch close to Viola, a small village in the middle of Wisconsin? (Wisconsin is a green empty state full of farms). Because this is the Smith family ranch where they once repaired their tractors and tuned their own racing H-D in their own workshop while they do farming. Then they invented the S&S big bore carb for HD and the workshop [grew] and [grew] till the actual dimension of 200 workers... Their main business is always tuning parts for HD, but they produce a wide range of engines too. The X-Wedge is their [latest] one, completely coming from S&S technology and knowledge.

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