Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The VUN Evolution Roadstar

The VUN Evolution Roadster is a special that was originally built for a CR&S customer in Germany. Many of the upgraded components are sourced from the racing VUN PPP Evoluziòn (PPP stands for Pronta Per la Pista or track ready).

The PPP Evoluziòn-sourced parts include:
  • BST Carbon Fibre wheels,
  • QD race exhaust system fitted with street muffler,
  • Pierobon light alloy “banana” swingarm,
  • Large single radiator,
  • Race rear shock absorber.
The Pierobon swingarm is more rigid than the standard swingarm despite weighing 0.7 KG less. It is necessary to fit this swingarm to allow routing of the extended exhaust system. These are all CR&S-sourced options which are available for any road going VUN.

The front fairing, headlight, tail section and tail light were specially modified by CR&S. Instead of the round café racer style headlight, this bike has been fitted with a small projector lens. The distinctive round taillight has also been replaced by a minimalist LED system.

A chrome-plated frame, special paintwork (naturally), Rizoma indicators and other details complete the picture at a final cost of €26,000.

A second version of the VUN Evolution Roadster was built by CR&S for the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) in 2008.

Ohh all right just one more photo, in the interests of good taste... I know, you want to see that chrome plated frame from a different angle.

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