Thursday, August 20, 2009

The CR&S Continental Run

URBAN MOTOR and IWAN-BIKES are sponsoring the CR&S Continental Run from Cafe Hubraum in Solingen, Germany to the 2009 Ace Café Reunion in London.

Taking place over three days, the annual Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend celebrates the unique history, culture and style of the Ace Cafe and what it represents. The event is a focus in the motorcycling calendar for all who are not only interested in the Ace Cafe but also for many others who enjoy a weekend full of motorbikes and fun! Visit the meeting place of the original Cafe Racers.

Over the years, Ace Cafe London has forged strong links to the global motorcycling community, which is reflected by the many visitors from overseas. One of the largest contingents is The Continental Run, which starts with a party at Cafe Hubraum in Solingen, Germany, before departing the next morning to cross Holland, Belgium and France, gathering numbers en route to the ferry, arriving at the cafe late afternoon, and culminating in an evening of rock 'n' roll!

Everybody is invited! The Continental Run starts in Solingen (Germany) September, 11 at 9.00 a.m. The evening before we will meet and party at the Cafe Hubraum in Solingen. From 11th-13th of September is the Party at Ace Cafe London. On the 13th is the Brighton Burn Up Run. In Brighton will be the Ace Day at the Madeira Drive. Later on the 13th is the ride back home...

Claudio Zanoni and the VUN Marathon at the Ace Cafe

For further information and booking please contact:
Hans-Peter Rütten
Ace Cafe London GmbH
Achterberg 6a
D-47906 Kempen
ph: +49-(0)2845 98616
Fax: +49-(0)2845 98618

Address and contact for Cafe Hubraum:
Café Hubraum
Richard Zöllner
Kohlfurther Str. 30
D-42651 Solingen
ph: +49 (0)212 53 08 93

Thanks to VUNIC member Peter Dannenberg (of URBAN MOTOR) for supplying details about this great event. Hope to see you there.

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